71117 Kokedama colorata 

Echeveria Colorata is the centerpiece for this hanging string garden.  It is a beautiful aqua colored plant with red points. It makes a great hanging feature.


71118 Kokedama Goochie 

 What a beautiful Echeveria!!! The Echeveria Goochie featured here has deep green leaves with red edges.  It is a prolific grower producing lots of rosettes and loves to bloom. It is hardy and easy to care for.



71109 five plant cedar centerpiece

 At 24 inches long and 3.5 inches square this Cedar Succulent centerpiece holds five beautiful Echeverias.  The cedar is sealed with a light stain that protects the wood and gives it a rich look.  The plants are Echeverias Elegans, Setosa, Nodulosa, Tolimensis and Perle von Nurnberg. 



succulent centerpieces

71105 succulent cedar cube 

A great accent planter, this succulent cedar cube is sealed to protect the wood. The plant is an Echeveria Setosa which is an upright Echeveria that is green in color with red tips.                                                                                


succulent boxes and cubes

Succulent wreaths

 and Products


succulent living wreaths 

71126 oval Echeveria wreath

An oval shape, this succulent wreath has an elegant look. The mauve colors of the Echeverias Perle von Nurnberg, Nodulosa, and Tolimensis are highlighted by the aqua colors of the Echeverias Elegans and Red Hood. There are thirty three beautiful succulents used in the  construction  of this succulent wreath.



71122 tri color Succulent wreath

The Tri Color Succulent Wreath contains over forty succulents and is twelve inches in diameter.  It can be hung or used as a centerpiece.  The succulent plants compliment each other with the variety of colors.  The blue color is Echeveria Elegans Blue. The red is Sedum Vera Higgins and the yellow is Sedum Adolphy.

71112 driftwood wall art 

A magnificent piece that can be hung or used as a centerpiece. This beautiful piece is handcrafted in Brookings, Oregon and has twelve hardy succulents with sea shell accents. The plants are Echeverias Perle von Nurnberg, Red Hood, Setosa, and Nodulosa, Sedums Ogon, Darley Sunshine and Jelly Bean, Crassula Golum, and Aeonium Tri Color.


succulent driftwood art​ 

71107 set of three cedar cubes

 This set of three cubes are the same dimensions as the set above.  They have been sealed with a darker stain to allow a richness to their look. They are planted with specimen Echeveria succulents which are Nodulosa, Perle von Nurnberg, and Lila Cina. 



71134 Driftwood wall Art

This Driftwood piece can be hung on a wall or used as a centerpiece. Plant with your favorite succulents.


71132 Driftwood wreath

Beautiful 22 inch Driftwood wreath made from driftwood gathered off the Oregon coast gives you that on the beach feeling.


71121 Mixed succulent wreath

This is an absolutely gorgeous wreath!!!!  It is one of our best selling wreaths. It looks great hanging or used as a centerpiece. It has over thirty plants with some of them being more mature succulents.  It is built with a variety of plants including Echeverias Tolimensis, Perle von Nurnberg, Rosea, Nodulosa, Echeveria Elegans Blue, and Pulldonis.  It has Aeonium Tri Color and Sedums Vera Higgins, Aurora Blue, Ogon and Nausbaumeranium.                                                                                  


Japanese succulent String gardens

71115 Kokedama pearl von Nurnberg 

These miniature gardens are constructed using a succulent soil mix wrapped in moss and then tied with natural jute.  They make a great hanging feature.  This Kokedama features the Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg. 


71108 three plant cedar centerpiece 

This succulent cedar centerpiece is 3.5"x3.5" square and sixteen inches long.  It has three hardy Echeverias which are Setosa, Tolimensis and Nodulosa.  The centerpiece will look great in any setting.


71136 Driftwood birdhouse

This unique birdhouse would look great in any garden.


71137 Driftwood Centerpiece

This is a beautiful planter that can be used as a centerpiece or as an accent to spruce up your patio.


71125 oval sedum wreath

This unusual shaped wreath is constructed of approximately forty succulents.  These plants are different varieties of Sedums including Adolphy, Aurora Blue, Vera Higgins Jelly Bean, and Angelina. It will look great hanging on your wall, door or porch. 



71116 Kokedama rosea 

This miniature garden was posted on Sunset Magazine web page as miniature gardens they liked.  It features the Echeveria Rosea.  


71111 oval driftwood basket 

This succulent driftwood basket is oval shaped and has a dozen succulent plants in it.  It makes a great looking centerpiece or a beautiful accent piece for your patio. The plants in the basket are Echeverias, Tolimensis, Rosea, Red Hood, Pulldonis, Elegans, and Perle von Nurnberg, Sedums Ogon, Jelly Bean, Vera Higgins, and Nausbaumeranium, Aeonium Tri Color and Graptopetlum Superbum.


71110 round driftwood basket 

This unique driftwood succulent basket is made by local crafters with driftwood gathered from our local beaches.  This driftwood basket is made up of 18 beautiful succulents. Echeverias Lila Cina, Nodulosa, Pulldonis, Elegans Blue, and Perle von Nurnberg. Sedums Ogon, Jelly Bean and Nausbaumeranium. Crassulas Golum, and String of Buttons.  Aeonium Tri Color and Sempervivrens.

71104 Redwood box

 This is Flora Pacifica's first box creation.  This popular succulent box has always been one of our best sellers.  Its sturdy Redwood construction allows the box to be hung or used as a centerpiece.  It contains a variety of 45 gorgeous succulents including Aeonium Kiwi, Echeverias Perle von Nurnberg, Lila Cina, Red Hood, Pulldonis, Sedums, Aurora Blue, Adolphy, Jelly Bean and Vera Higgins. Can be hung or used as a centerpiece.


71135 Oval Driftwood Planter

The Oval Driftwood Planter is approximately 8 inches by 15 inches. It is made with wood gathered from our local beaches.


     Wreath Hangers  $8.95  

71119 Kokedama set of three plants 

This set of three Japanese string gardens feature Echeverias Rosea, Perle von Nurnberg and Goochie. The colors of the succulents are a visually pleasing compliment to each other. You can hang them together or separately. 


Out of Stock.

71129 Red

71130 Gold

71131 Green  

Driftwood Products

71123 Echeveria wreath

A mainstay in the Flora Pacifica catalog, this beautiful succulent wreath is one of our customers favorites. We have been producing this wreath for over four years and it continues to be a number one seller.  The wreath contains thirty nine plants all of which are Echeverias.  The succulents are Echeverias, Perle von Nurnberg, Nodulosa and Pulldonis.